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Friday, August 10, 2012

Save American Dragon Jake Long

We all know our one favorite tv animation that burns the house,
American Dragon i remembered watching that show i start lovin it
Jake was just a 14 yr old kid who was gifted to become a dragon he begun training with his Grandfather.
But what makes kids love this show is it about friends who accompany them, Gramps is always right or Jake was lucky to have powers and use it to cheat true but no,

Whar kids want is action they don't want a plain life and plain human, its about who was gifted to be different than any other human.

But for me am only interested of cutest animation couples Jake and Rose, Jake wasn't only interested by her beauty she was different than any other girl she has a double life.
Jake had a crush on her when they first met.
but Jake discovered Rose is the huntsgirl who he fights with her when he is a american dragon.
According to the directors this receive a low ratings at season one and decided a bigger changes
Now the New season two had arrive with new looks like Jake had a new dragon transformation, Rose has begun a new look, and Haley has a cute look but still an old adventure and personality and friends.
This new season is about after Rose discover American Dragon's true identity Jake searches for her.
this gives fans to make a closer look between their relationship the fans got high rated till disney channel cancelled it due to schedule. All the fans have been worried and few years till today everybody wants a big comeback and has fans forces disney channel for a comeback and all fans have started petitioning disney
But to tell you what i want a comeback help save american dragon.

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